Hi there! Thanks for swinging by. Our mission at Creative Juice is that every creator can build a business. If we’re doing our jobs right, the entire creator economy should grow faster because of our work. Awesome investors (Index, Inspired, Box, Slow) and, importantly, amazing creators are backing us. Excited about shaping the future? Come help build the creator economy!

💖 Join us!

Our Values

☞ Do what makes sense

We are a team of high achieving, highly accountable folks. We empower our team to make decisions that optimize for company outcomes. Most of the time there is no pre-defined answer, so we expect you to ask questions, get answers, and then make the best-informed decision you can around what makes sense.

Always ask why

In order to do what makes sense, you have to understand the why. We learn by understanding “why” and as a company prioritize taking the time to both ask and answer the “why”.

☺︎ Live your fullest life

Our team is made up of passionate people who want to live their best lives — at work and at home. We believe people do their best when they have the flexibility to live full lives outside of work and also feel safe being themselves at work. Work and life happen at all times of the day and integration is a more sustainable and low-stress path forward.

✩ Affirm strengths; Embrace weaknesses

Research consistently shows high performers are those that play to their strengths. No one is perfect. As a team, we aim to cover all the skills needed which means letting all of us play to our own strengths, and being open about weaknesses that we need others to cover. That’s how we win.

⇡ We grow as creators grow

The creator economy is new and quickly growing. If we’re doing our jobs right, the entire creator economy is growing faster because of us.




Perks & Benefits

🩺 🦷 👀 Benefits package

Our benefits package includes medical, dental, and vision coverage for employees.

💪 Health 🧠

$100 stipend towards your physical health AND $100 stipend towards mental health per month.

🎳 Team Building

We <3 team retreats & believe in the value of IRL collabs. We strive for 1-2 team retreats per year and encourage you to visit a coworker in their city, on us!

🏖 Vacation

Unlimited PTO - we want you to live your fullest lives outside of work! Please take at least two weeks a year for self-care and adventuring.

👶 Parents 🐾

We have parents on the team and support parental leave and fertility options.

We also cover a few babysitter or petsitter days each year.

👩‍🎨 Learning Stipend

$2,000 per year to use on the learn-y grow-y things that appeal to your inner creator.

🌱 Plant Party

Quarterly plant or flower delivery, up to $100 via The Sill.

🏢 WFH + Office Stipend

We'll help you get your space more conducive for WFH. We also offer a stipend for coworking spaces.

📱Phone Stipend

$50 phone reimbursement per month.

Ezra Cooperstein & Sima Gandhi at our team retreat in Marin, CA. Sima's rocking our first ever team crew 😎

Ezra Cooperstein & Sima Gandhi at our team retreat in Marin, CA. Sima's rocking our first ever team crew 😎

How we work

✦ Our team spans New York to Hawaii and many places in-between. We also have team members in California, Texas, and Utah! Though we're primarily a remote culture, we're building flexible 'hub spaces' for team members who do their best work outside of the home.